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I purchased an extended warranty from Access Warranty back on 5/1/09. I was told that I had 30 days to review the contract and if I was not satisfied I could cancel.

I decided to cancel the warranty on 5/19/09. I was told that it could take up to a month to receive credit for the $395 down payment. It is now 6/29/09 and I still have not received the credit. I have spoken with several customer service representatives including a manager named, David Chase over the past 2 weeks and was told the credit would be in my account by 6/26/09.

It is apparent at this point that this company does not want to refund me my money. I have already filed a dispute with my bank and if the credit is not there by 7/03/09 I have no choice but to take legal action against Access Warranty. It only took them 2 days to take the money out of my account, but it appears that it will take forever to get the money back, however I will use all resources if necessary to get my money back.

If it takes this long to get your money back than it is obvious that they would not pay for a claim if I kept the coverage. It is important to do your homework, apparently this company is not even a member of the BBB and with all of these complaints I can see why.

Monetary Loss: $455.

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Same here - scammed a 73 year old man of $700.00 - he canceled and never saw the check -they give him the runaround every time! :(


We purchased a warranty with AW Auto Pro through Access Warranty. They did a bang up selling job on me.

I don't usually by auto warranties beyond the manufacturer coverage but thought we would benefit from the extended protection. My wife and I paid $2400 cash for the 75,000 coverage. We were met with some financial difficulty and cancelled after only 8000 miles of the warranty. We provided our cancellation notice on November 22, 2011.

We were told of a guarnteed check release date with the amount and even a check number by May 8, 2012. To date, 5.21.2012 they continue to give us the run around. We can't even talk to a manager of this abserdity. We will not let them off the hook and will take legal action if we must.

If they are treating us this way, it must be a standard customer practice as I have read several similar disgruntled customers and with good reason. :cry


answered in a foreign language. knew they were a scam bc asked for husbands name that he does not use.

kept jabbering until the guy was frustrated at ME!

mu ha ha ha. I am on the DNC lists but still get calls.


:eek the head guy working phones on 5/20/2010 arond 5 p.m. is a real [richard edward] *** ed !!! as like the review dated9/24/09 he needs to find another job he is not people freindly


would not advise signing with access warrenty or any warrenty company. The sales guy I talked to Jason Todd was very nice and helpful but in that I was fooled into getting a product that would not cover what I want.

I had purchased a high pressure sales warrenty from Mogi and he was the first to warn me about the internally lubricated parts that they include in the warrenty and say that this warrenty will cover a problem no matter what. Come to find out this warrenty was still the same. At least with Mogi to cancel all I had to do was tell them I no longer wanted coverage and they refunded me my money.

Access warrenty is a headache they make you call around a million different people to cancel and and make promises that a cancelation rep will call you back shortly. All lies dont be fooled.

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